Stylish Collection

The Prince and Princess’s world has always been luxurious, precious, refined, fashion and fary tale-like, but also always contemporary and regal, for true Princes and Princesses.

“Stylish” encloses in a single word the concept of elegance, class, fashion, being chic and unique.

The STYLISH COLLECTION is the perfect expression of the varied universe of Prince and Princess: elegant textures, precious details, crowns, luxurious materials, regal, refined and glamorous references.

Fashion, cool, funny and contemporary items.

“Style” is the key word in all Prince and Princess’s collections that have always distinguished themselves for their elegance, refinement and attention for details.

The luxurious Prince and Princess’ knitwear is entirely Made in Italy and it emerges for the high quality typical of an Italian handmade product. All items can boast luxurious materials such as pure merinos and cashmere wool and handmade finishings and applications.

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